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Welcome to
Team Power Woman

Membership is free of charge

We are an athletics club with focus on health, training and having fun while doing it. We want to empower all women no matter what your goals are. Our primary focus is endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming, triathlons, skiing etc. All levels of athletes are welcome – beginners to professionals.

Sign up here to join The Power Woman family.  If you need a license to compete you can register here.

We are affiliated with:

The Swedish Triathlon Association
The Swedish Ski Federation
The Swedish Bicycle Federation


A membership at Team Power Woman is free of charge, because we want everyone to have the opportunity to be a part of our team.



for club members


A selection of beautiful and specially designed performance athletic wear.


Promotions only available for club members.


Invites to exclusive events.


Which type of athlete are you? We have different categories that help you find the right activities for you.

Fast & Furious

You’re dead serious about results and you don’t want to waste time not being your best. You aim high and only the sky is the limit.

Down & Dirty

You’re passionate about your sport, and you’re not afraid of getting dirt under your nails on your journey to becoming a better athlete or learning new things.

Posh & Powerful

You’re a dedicated athlete with a great sense of luxury and you know Grade A quality when you see it. You always look amazing on your mission to reaching set goals.

Happy & Healthy

This is your passion. You’re an athlete who loves doing what you do and it’s a natural part of your lifestyle. Your main goal is feeling great and having fun.

Team Power Woman is all about sticking together. We’re a team. This means that we always empower, support and value each other’s successes –  whatever our goals may be. We welcome professionals, beginners, women and men to join our club.

Official Members

of Ironman 2018


Join Team Power Woman! Membership is free of charge.

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